Safari Celebration

This particular party is listed to be one of my favorites! Brainstorming for Safari ideas, so many things popped up in my head and all so doable, but I kept my layout simple but spot-on decorating with DIY tropical leaves, tents from @ador.alby, and a DIY bonfire.

I was thrilled with the result, and so were the clients. Salman, the birthday boy, might not remember this at his age right now, but I definitely will…my entire life, perhaps!

DIY 4D Bonfire
As easy as it looks… it really is that easy. Here’s how I made the four dimension bonfire.

What you need
: A sheet of red and yellow plastic cardboard, brown plastic cardboard, double tape, and cutter.

How to make:
1.    Cut the red plastic cardboard into the shape of the outer flame you desire. Trace and make another. You will need two outer flames.
2.    Cut the yellow plastic cardboard into an inner flame. Its shape doesn’t need to be identic to the outer one, but just smaller in size. You will need four inner flames to stick on both sides of the outer flame.
3.    Stick the inner flames to the outer flames on both sides.
4.    Using a cutter, cut through the center of one of the flames from bottom to center making sure to cut in a straight line. Dan untuk yang satu lagi sebaliknya, dari atas ke bawah.
5.    Slip the first flame over the second one forming a cross sign, enabling it to sit on its own.
6.    Cut out four pieces of long shaped rectangles from the brown plastic cardboard and fold vertically into three parts so you can fold them into a long triangle shape. Secure the ends with tape.
7.    Use these triangle logs to decorate the fire and keep it in place.



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