Ice Cream Party

How do you cool down a really hot afternoon? With an ice cream party, of course! And that’s exactly what my client and I did for Kara’s ice cream themed birthday bash. Look at how it turned out and tell me, who won’t scream for ice cream?

The dessert table was designed to display ‘everything ice cream’ on that cool ice cream cart. Loved it! The cake was super adorable and the backdrop is something to love, don’t you think?
 The ice cream cart
Kara, the birthday girl, posing with her ice cream treats
 The ice cream pinata

Here is a DIY on how I made those cute honeycomb ice cream decors!

What you need: tissue paper in different colors, scissors, cutter, glue stick, cardboard.

How to make:

1.    First decide how big you want your honeycomb to be. Then, prepare 24 layers of tissue paper that can accommodate the size of your honeycomb.
2.    Work on a flat surface and place your first sheet down. Mark five vertical lines equally apart from one another and glue vertically each virtual line from top to bottom, then stick your second sheet.
3.    Now for the second sheet, mark four lines in between those five lines and glue lines down then attach the next sheet on top.
4.    Repeat this layering rhythm in turns until all your sheets are complete. When you are used to this, you will no longer need to mark lines down every sheet and can automatically glue down the invisible lines.
5.    Done gluing? Now draw a semi-circle on the sheet and cut around.
6.    Paste glue on one entire side and slowly open the comb and attach to the other side until secured to make a full circle.
7.    If you want to replicate mine and stick them to the wall, you will only need to open the comb until half a circle and stick this onto a piece of cardboard to secure the shape making it easier to stick on the wall. Easy as pie, right?

NOTE: The more lines you make, the more compressed the honeycomb becomes. You can also mix the colors of tissue paper for one honeycomb creating a multicolored honeycomb.



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