My Champ turned 7

How on earth did that happen? So they say time flies when you’re having fun… I guess that’s true. Now, what happens when your oldest wants to throws a party? The answer is, do what he wants and make the best of it (especially in Yuara’s case, he’s such a detailed client!). So that’s exactly what we did to accommodate his love to Lego.

First of all, what couldn’t be more spot-on than throwing the party at Bricks for Kids at Bintaro @b4kbintaro Yuara loved the idea and it made the decorating so much put together already. It just fits in perfectly with the dessert table and the goodies on top all made by @alinaratih. I mean, look how cute that cake is!

After the pinata - made by moi - action, the kids got to do their activities building with bricks, made lego merry-go-round workshop, played a few games, and lastly feast on this oh-so-cute Lego tumpeng. The goodie bags I came up with were also a huge hit…and they are also open for order, of course! Just e-mail me with Lego Lunch Bag subject ;)

A great birthday it was and I am so glad that my champ loved every bit of it. Again, happy birthday, champ! Eventhough you already are the best for us, never stop trying to be better and better each and every day. We love you, kid!