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have you ever felt guilty cleaning up after your baby? well i do, all the time. i must admit i use a huge amount of tissues and wipes to keep my daughter (and her surroundings) clean. and believe me, am not proud of what i do but i really don't know how to do it any other way. so imagine how i feel when babyganics comes along! i mean finally, a baby product that also cares about their future.
i use babyganics toy&highchair cleaner and babyganics all purpose surface wipes (available only at mothercare). they're naturally safe, non-toxic, and fragrance free. and they're mommies friendly too! you know how we are with new innovations, right? well these ones are so easy to use, you just wipe clean everything and let air dry. a lot like water really,  but terminates germs. i totally recommend them - convenient, fuss free, and most importantly, safe for our little ones. you want to give them some try too? stay tune on my next post, because babyganics and i are having a GIVEAWAY just for you!  


  1. wow,,,,pengen niy...
    bakalan pantengin blog mbak amesh niy...

  2. wow postingan yang bagus mba,...
    kita bisa tau, ada semacam pembersihan mainan gitu..
    kebetulan saya punya dua ponakan yang masih kecil2...

    wah ada GA juga.. ditunggu mba ^^


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