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Thursday, December 27, 2012

giveaway galore #1: zwitsal baby spa book.

to celebrate new year 2013, i decided to throw giveaways through out december 2012 and january 2013. here's my first! some of you emailed me asking where to buy the zwitsal baby spa book. well, good news: starting from december 22nd, they're now available at local bookstores. but pssst... i have one FREE for you!

just leave a comment and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, hugs and kisses!). the winner will be randomly picked and announced on january 31st. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. good luck!  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NOVA's christmas dessert tables.

a month ago, i was asked to decorate two types of dessert table for christmas - one for the kids and another for the adults. can you guess which one is which? 
of course i had some help - kids printables from babalisme and ombre cake from cupcakesteria. i enjoyed the DIY projects and am super delighted with the results :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

sponsor post: zwitsal baby spa book.

when yuara was born, i was blessed that the hospital had a home visit program. i instantly enrolled, i was eager to learn about the proper way to massage my baby and bath him afterwards. so when i gave birth to kutri, i did the same thing. i was afraid that i might forget the steps (as easy as they were!). i realized, these activities may sound simple but for clueless mothers (ehm, like moi), they might appear complicated – nerve-wracking even. i once read somewhere ‘the knowledge of how to bath a newborn baby is not part of motherly instinct’.

so it’s only natural to feed ourselves with baby bathing clever tips, right? well fear no more, the answer to all of your baby spa questions is here: Bayi Sehat Cerdas & Terawat dengan Zwitsal Baby Spa. it has all the detailed information on baby bathing, massaging, and pampering, expert tips, and (most importantly!) step by step pictures. i love how this book suggest us, mothers, to touch, hold and cuddle our babies more often. kutri is now 8 months old and i still massage her before her bath time only because i (and i hope she does too) enjoy the skin to skin contact. i say, this simple book might save some mothers’ lives! i mean, truly! if i had this book way before my babies were born, it could save me from all the troubles (and dramas *grin*).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

workshop in a box #6: sneak peek.

yes our sixth workshop is coming along, do join us!

these are among the things that we'll make :) mark the date december 9th at 1/15 coffee. for more info, please email or like our fanpage here.

one foxy party.

thank you for coming over, folks! what we made that day:
- felt fox mask and tail set 
- origami mushroom garland
- terrarium in a jar
- fairy wand and butterfly mask by cocomomo


the table was made beautifully by tea rose, the cupcakes and bird cake were from le petiterie, sibebo gave away free mushroom bracelets, and baby bean photo was also there to capture the moment. it was magical indeed! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

cottoncandy for WIAB 3.

eventhough this post is long overdue, i still want to show you the pictures that were taken by cottoncandy baby photography at our third workshop. don't they just scream, "PRETTY"?

the booth. the color. the atmosphere. i hope they inspire your mellow long weekend. bissous!

sponsor post: mothercare loves car seat.

i believe every baby is different, and so is kutri. i must say that she is nowhere near yuara when he was still little. kutri needs extra attention, she loves being watched and hardly falls asleep. and when she does, she wakes up easy. a light sleeper alrite! oh one more thing, she prefers to be held or cuddled to sleep - only at daytime though, she sleeps through the night and wakes up at dawn (in the meantime, her big bro still wakes up a couple times at night - up until now!) anyway in her early days, we found an easy way to put kutri to sleep. everytime we make her sit in the car seat, she gets all relaxed and sleepy in a blink. this makes mamo relax too, knowing my kid gets the sleep she needs and is in a very good 'hand'. yes, we always encourage the use of car seat for child's safety (because who can predict accident, right?). infact the car seat she's using now is inherited from yuara, so far we have three already: one for baby, one for toddler weighing maximum of 15 kilos, and one booster seat for kids under 5 yo. and i got them all for affordable prices over at mothercare :)

now, the reason am bringing this up now is because mothercare is having a car seat campaign this month. this means you can get your kids safe at the backseat on every journey for lower prices, starting from Rp999.000,- ain't it a good news? 

Friday, November 9, 2012

the MSL winners.

so sorry for the long overdue announcement, but it's here! the winners are... asimetris (size 5R) and bona (size 3R). please leave me your contacts so i can send the prizes asap :D

anyway, my creations made it to the november edition of Martha Stewart Living Indonesia (yeay!). and yesterday, we already shot other themed goodies for december. so yes, another giveaway is coming soon!


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