sponsor post: mothercare loves car seat.

i believe every baby is different, and so is kutri. i must say that she is nowhere near yuara when he was still little. kutri needs extra attention, she loves being watched and hardly falls asleep. and when she does, she wakes up easy. a light sleeper alrite! oh one more thing, she prefers to be held or cuddled to sleep - only at daytime though, she sleeps through the night and wakes up at dawn (in the meantime, her big bro still wakes up a couple times at night - up until now!) anyway in her early days, we found an easy way to put kutri to sleep. everytime we make her sit in the car seat, she gets all relaxed and sleepy in a blink. this makes mamo relax too, knowing my kid gets the sleep she needs and is in a very good 'hand'. yes, we always encourage the use of car seat for child's safety (because who can predict accident, right?). infact the car seat she's using now is inherited from yuara, so far we have three already: one for baby, one for toddler weighing maximum of 15 kilos, and one booster seat for kids under 5 yo. and i got them all for affordable prices over at mothercare :)

now, the reason am bringing this up now is because mothercare is having a car seat campaign this month. this means you can get your kids safe at the backseat on every journey for lower prices, starting from Rp999.000,- ain't it a good news? 


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