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when yuara was born, i was blessed that the hospital had a home visit program. i instantly enrolled, i was eager to learn about the proper way to massage my baby and bath him afterwards. so when i gave birth to kutri, i did the same thing. i was afraid that i might forget the steps (as easy as they were!). i realized, these activities may sound simple but for clueless mothers (ehm, like moi), they might appear complicated – nerve-wracking even. i once read somewhere ‘the knowledge of how to bath a newborn baby is not part of motherly instinct’.

so it’s only natural to feed ourselves with baby bathing clever tips, right? well fear no more, the answer to all of your baby spa questions is here: Bayi Sehat Cerdas & Terawat dengan Zwitsal Baby Spa. it has all the detailed information on baby bathing, massaging, and pampering, expert tips, and (most importantly!) step by step pictures. i love how this book suggest us, mothers, to touch, hold and cuddle our babies more often. kutri is now 8 months old and i still massage her before her bath time only because i (and i hope she does too) enjoy the skin to skin contact. i say, this simple book might save some mothers’ lives! i mean, truly! if i had this book way before my babies were born, it could save me from all the troubles (and dramas *grin*).


  1. kalo boleh tau, beli dimana mbak? atau hadiah dari produk zwitsal? tq :)


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