rubber ducky party.

on the last sunday of october, we managed to throw a birthday party for the kid. nothing fancy and big since i hadn't much energy to do any DIY lately. we were thinking of something that yuara will definitely enjoy, why not a splish splash party? so we booked the playground at kemang with its mini water park, invited his cousins, and decided on rubber ducky theme - also because yellow and orange are his favorite!
the printables are from babalisme - including the cute party hats. and my bestie bianca made that rubber ducky pinata, she also made the treasure chest pinata last year! it was really fun, the kids were fully entertained so us parents could relax and enjoy the heat. the weather was extremely hot that morning, phewww! oh, did i tell you? yuara could finally blow the candles! well not hard enough until they went off, but still! all in all, i hope everyone had a great time.. see you again in a year's time!


  1. Everything looks so cute! I used to do elaborate parties for my kids when they were little. Now I just take them and their friends out for a meal- alot less work for me!

  2. hi Amesh, i think the party was simple but still had all the cute elements :D happy birthday yo Yuara.
    btw i'm curious about the water baskets, where did you find them? thanks.


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