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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the treasure chest pinata.

i wanted to make my own pinata for yuara's pirate party. i'd been vowing and googling but didn't seem to find the right timing (and going on vacation a week before your child's birthday was not helping at all). i almost gave up when my bestie bianca came to the rescue. she was always crafty, she used to make me a birthday card with clays stuck on it back in college. pretty cool!
anyway this is how it looked. yes she made that with her two bare hands! sorry for the lack of good pictures, the invitees had been too eager to swing the cardboard swords provided onto the pinata. see, i don't have a tutorial for the swords either, but they were super easy, you don't even need a pattern. and since the pinata was a huge hit, i promise myself to take a short course in making one for yuara's next birthday. woohoo, more party planning!


  1. aaakk keren banged ituuhh..kreatip bgt bianca :">

  2. That pinata is so good! I just made one for my son's pirate party but it was not nearly as good as that! Well done!



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