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Monday, July 25, 2011

apple pie in a jar tuto.

remember the apple pie in a jar from our anniversary picnic? its recipe had been going on the internet for quite some time now. since i don't bake, i thought making one would be complicated. but not if you cheated with frozen puff pastry sheets bought at local grocery store! for the fillings, you can find various recipe on the blogland but i just used what we got in the kitchen - apple, raisin, vanilla powder, rhum, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. next you only need to squeeze the sheet into a jar, then pour in the fillings.
i only baked a jar and saved the other two in the freezer for another time. i thought it tasted okay, but the husband liked it a lot - am just glad he's so easy to please :D


  1. "LOOKS" easy but I'm not much of a baker too,but I think this one simple enough! Worth trying! (is it our indonesian culture that we don't bake very much? mm..)



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