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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a little exposure + giveaway.

i know lately am sooo behind on posting and am sorry. here's another late post, dreamesh living was featured in martha stewart living september 2010 issue. the first pic was on their sample edition, scanned by my best friend bianca.
yep, two pages! the next one was found by sissy. she told me my pillows were on the latest femina as one of their article's illustration. so here it is.
on another note, am having a little giveaway to celebrate my son's birth month. i already sent this craft apron for lia's belated birthday present, but i thought i'll share one with you too!
you know the drill. leave a comment stating how you would use the apron and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, merci beaucoup). i will pick a winner randomly in a week's time on the 12th. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. bonne chance a tous!


  1. yang artikel kedua sekilas aku bacanya "Yuara di negeri sendiri" :)) kirain artikel tentang anakmu hahahahah :D hebatttt mbak Amesh sungguh membanggakan! :D

  2. amesh ... aku sudah menjadi follower mu ... aku ingin sekali apron buatan-mu ... baguuus ... aku akan menggunakan sewaktu aku jahit menjahit ... karena aku suka kehilangan gunting dkk ... hihi ... pick me please .. hehe

    makasih Amesh ....

  3. aku aku aku...
    jelas sudah jadi follower mu,
    dan jelas selalu kehilangan gunting, pensil kapur dan pemutus benang yang berhamburan diantar tumpukan kain.... desperately need that super cute apron... :p


  4. happy birthday Yuara!
    i'd been a follower and i think if the apron isn't around my waist, it'll be a nice stationery holder on the wall.

    congrats on the magazines coverage! i saw a page of your items in 'girlfriend' when i was flipping thru' it in a cafe here. think it was either an aug/sept issue. :)

  5. Amesh....
    Your blog is my daily dose!can't live without...
    Andi'm also your loyal customer, hehehehhe (lebay)
    Already your follower and since i took the quilting class so this apron will become cool 'home' for my quilting thread, scissors, pencils, needles, and my snacks:D

  6. mbak amesh, tiap hari aku pasti mampir ke sini. tapi baru sekarang jadi follower :D

    kalo aku, kaya'nya pengen kasih apron ini ke anakku aja deh. buat masukin mobil2an kecilnya yang suka dibawa ke mana-mana (termasuk buat tidur)

    *pick me... pick me... pick me...*

  7. Amesh aku mau Apronnya dongs, aku buat untuk les masak, dan ngurus tanaman biar enggak mondar mandir ambil sendok dll dan biar koleksi dreamlivingku makin bnyk,thanks amesh ! :)

  8. Amesh....kalau aku apronnya mau buat naro gunting dan jarum crochet soalnya jarum crochetku suka di bawa kabur sama anakku dan diumpetin sama dia, jadi apron itu akan sangat berguna banget

  9. I really adore ur creativity from the first time i watched ur nice and inspired.. so u have a baby too, congrats for his birth month.. (yaa,i know..every month of our baby is soo meaningful to be noticed :)
    and the cute, i love the umbrella at the fabric,as first I saw u made it in ur key hanger and a mirror, is it? it will really useful to keep anything, and I will really snob to hang it in a part of my wall..:)

  10. Waaaa.. Martha Stewart Living! Cool!
    Congrats Amesh :)
    Itu apron nya sooo cute! motif payungnya sama spt yg gw pesen ya, beda warna aja hehe.. mau doong, buat nemenin njait tas inaku™ handmade ;)

  11. Amesh....aku jelas followermu dan pelanggan setia heheheh. Mau dong apronnya....pengennya sih buat naro macem2 peralatan kalo lagi ujicoba masak kue plus bisa berfungsi buat nampung stationaries pas lagi handicraft and art time with Diba ya...tapi kayaknya kalau emang beneran dapat, pasti dihak milik ama Diba deh tante Amesh...dan dipake buat segala macam kegiatannya dia, especially handicraft and art projects plus masak2, her favorite past time activities right now :-)
    Happy early birthday for adek Yuara ya...sesama Oktober ya ama kk Diba

  12. mau apronnya... :)
    mau dipake pas nonton tivi *loh?*

    soalnya biasanya saya selalu merajut dan merenda pas nonton tivi
    kadang2 pas lagi asik nonton tivi, lupa bawa jarum atau gunting kan males bolak-balik ke kamar atau ngga lari2 ambil gunting pas iklan.

    jadi buat saya yaaa :)

  13. AREN'T I a lucky duckling least something good after I've lost a bb :D...thank you for making my week :D....lucky lucky me :D....and congrats on all of your publications ;)

  14. aku mbak :) teman bazarmu qiqiqiqiqiiqqq.. btw utk yuara's party msh akhir okt kan? aku mau kirim2 pesananmu.. :)

  15. I'm a mother with two sons
    (2 years and 5 months)
    Clearly, I'm in desperate need of the apron



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