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Saturday, May 1, 2010

settling down.

so after many many changes, i think this look is the most suitable for our tv room - am posting it now before i have another change of mind or heart. at first, i wanted to place some bold wallpaper onto the wall behind our tv but since it would cost quite a lot, i opted for the hanging fabric instead. and that lead to another problem: i didn't have one that matches our burnt orange sofa, plum rug, mosaic tile coffee table and moroccan pouf. but then lia came along! she let me see her fabric collection when i was hunting for kids fabric the other day. and as soon as i laid eyes on her birdies fabric, am head over heels in love! anyway, i guess this arrangement is the best solution for us: me as i get bored easily and him.. well, as long as he gets his music nook, he's happy.
and what went so well with the birdies fabric are these hanging stuffed birds i ordered from puri used as a substitute for curtains. since we're low on budget (oh, can't you tell? *rolling eyes) we made a priority list and obviously the huge windows to our backyard isn't on it. i like the result - eventhough the birds are a little bit too short but hey, they are unreachable for yuara! enough about me already, how does your TV room look like? let's decorate, or redecorate, this weekend!


  1. did i tell you i like ur TV rack? looking good, mish!

  2. Wow! You've been busy I see. It looks really great. So happy for you.

  3. birdies fabricnya keren.. mau mau mau :p



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