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Monday, March 1, 2010

just a sneak little peek.

well, this is how the house looked like for a while. uhm yes, i rearranged the furnitures once more when the huge dining table arrived yesterday. but first, let me finish off what i started: the pictures of other curtains.
the doorless kitchen.
the temporary master bedroom. nope, the closet is not new. we only repainted it (i have the before picture to show as well). and yes, the ikea fabric on top is upside down. i immediately gave back that curtain to the home furnishing store to get it fixed.
the (former) living room, fill you in with details later. remember that spool table?
the front door.
the refurbished sofa.
and the backyard. the rattans are handed down from my sweet mother. ah, our own house. more photos are coming up soon :)


  1. i love the rocking chair and the carpet in your living room :)

  2. Wow Amesh, your home looks so cozy and hommie. I love the former living room. it looks so retro. Where's the best place to shop for furniture and home accessories in Jakarta?

  3. wow,,,
    rumahnya keren banget mbak...

    makasih ya mbak,,,,paketnya udah nyampe...

  4. @martina: thanks a lot :) if you notice, i didn't get any new furnitures, i just used the existing ones. the former living room still exists only in different area :P

  5. SHOOT!! rumah kamu impian saya banget! have a nice heaven with your angels :)

  6. @de asmara: masa sih? ya udah sini yuk, kita tinggal bareng2 :P

  7. Mamoo... The furnishings are finally puzzled in together and it's looking cozyhomey!! Kudos for the hard work and we'll be looking out for that housewarming invitation!! *duduk-manis-menunggu*

  8. I'm enjoying these updates. It looks great, especially like the backyard. Great job of refurbishing!

  9. haduuuhh, kenapa mbaknaa kreatip bangeeett :,) suka kursi rotan sama tirai item outihnaa :D

    mampir ke blog aku plis ;*



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