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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

cable spool table.

last month, my husband and i found this cable spool on a sidewalk in front of some abandoned house. so we took it inside our small car and drove home.
last weekend, i asked our handyman to help us make a new coffee table out of it. at first, he just stood there and looked at me. so i showed him my inspiration, it's a mad mission's work from design*sponge. i assured him that it could be done :)
he gained a bit of confidence, pulled out sharp metal staples, added gypsum boards to cover the spool's top and bottom, painted black the whole thing, and glued on our leftover wallpaper. now here it is, our new cable spool table.


  1. Wow .. what a big surprise ..
    Great innovation Mesh .. Bravo !
    Wish u a big success in yr creative ideas ..


  2. perubahan dari masa ke masa, sangat menakjubkan

  3. Your handyman is pretty good in transforming things. You wouldn’t think that this lovely coffee table was once an ugly cable reel holder. I love the wallpaper you used and how you accentuated it with black paint. It turned out splendidly! Love it! :) Kudos to you and to your handyman! #Jeraldine Wellner



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