Kutri's Out of this World Birthday

In the midst of quarantine, our daughter, Kutri turned 8! She'd been planning a whole party to celebrate with her classmates, and unfortunately, we had to cancel. But all is well, a party of four could be as good, and all our family were there through video calls. 💓

 For this house party, Kutri decided that she wanted a NASA theme. So a trip to outer space must be planned.
First, I installed a backdrop covered in navy blue linen with twinkle lights. Then the accordion paper balls and star balloons were installed and voila! The backdrop was ready to launch.

For the desserts I used tall pedestal stands and placed them on each side of the backdrop. And of course, the glorious cake would be a centerpiece.
The dessert table stands consisted of cookies shaped as astronauts, rockets, stars, and the moon. And the yummy cupcakes were made of moon rocks that were totally edible. 

And here's the cake! Didn't I tell you the cake would be glorious? It was out of this world, and really delicious too! It has all the planets in our galaxy and more. It was the perfect cake to enjoy in outer space.

 And last but not least, we shall not forget our matching costumes. And our masks.
Happy birthday, our dear Kutri. Dream big ✨🌈🌛🚀

Staying at home means you get to spend real time with your family. This year's birthday celebration may not involve a big party with friends, but somehow it felt more valuable and precious. We're together, safe, and healthy. What more can you ask?

Stay safe and stay home, everyone.


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