A Post in the Midst of Quarantine: Balloons for Backdrop

At times like these, it's easy to panic and fall into stress, especially when you're focusing on the devastating and frustrating news people share on social medias. Don't.
If you're safe and healthy at home with your families, be grateful and use these quarantine days to get closer to your families. Focus on your family, their well-being and others'. And most importantly, STAY AT HOME. Workout, play games, cook, read, binge on Netflix, cut your bangs, experiment, massive house cleaning; whatever you do, do it in the comfort of your own homes.
And now back to the decorating world. As you would've guessed, this project was weeks ago before the quarantine. This birthday event took place at an office.
A backdrop was requested for this birthday event and I went all out with the balloons. Balloons with different colors are great for backdrops, and for this one, I used metallic colors so they would reflect the lights.
This kind of backdrop is great for simple office events. All it takes is one backdrop and it would light up the whole room.

During this quarantine, events are postponed and I miss decorating already. Let's pray that this global pandemic would soon pass and we can go back to our routines. But most importantly, I wish health for all of us. And for those who have been tested positive, I wish you strength for speedy recovery and I hope you can all go back home and be with your families soon.

Stay positive and stay home.


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