Christmas at QNB

Hello to the first Monday of the 2020!

Last Christmas, which means last month, I had the pleasure of decorating for the QNB office. The decor would go throughout the whole office which would help spread the Christmas cheer.
We started by preparing a lot of evergreens and intertwine them with Christmas bubbles and other ornaments.
First, we hung the evergreens on the reception desk and completed them with Poinsettias. Next the evergreens were put up on stair railings and and waiting rooms.
 The Christmas wreaths were also prepared to decorate the waiting room. And for the ceilings, we put up snowflakes ornaments.
 And what's a Christmas without a Christmas tree? We built the Christmas tree made out from twinkling lights as the centerpiece, complete with ornaments and gifts. And finally, the decor is complete.

In light of recent tragedies concerning massive flooding all over Indonesia, I'd like to express my condolences to all the people who lost their homes, separated from families, and other misfortunes. I pray, as you all might have done, that the flooding will subside soon and our country could start to pick up the pieces and mend. This may be a tragic start of the year, but let us pray that good things will come ahead. 
Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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