A Whole New World with Jasmine and Rajah

 Another birthday party came around the bend. The birthday princess was a fan of Jasmine and her tiger, Rajah. So for her birthday, we made her an Arabian night (although it was in broad daylight) dessert table and backdrop.
 Remember Jasmine's castle in Agrabah? If you do, you'd know that the first thing I need would be lots and lots of drapery. I started with installing draperies on the backdrop and added some middle eastern style hanging lanterns. And yes, that's me hanging Jasmine's photo on the backdrop.

 And next, I moved on to the dessert table. 
After draping the table with golden linen, the cupcakes and cookies came out to play. The cupcakes were decorated with Genie's magic lamp. The yummy cookies were all of Aladdin's characters, and the pop cakes were as cute as Rajah's paw.
And for the last step for the dessert table, we carefully place the birthday cake on the cake pedestal, completing the set. And what a beautiful cake that was! It was delicious too!
To complete the set, we installed Jasmine and Rajah display as the guests of honor.
And voila! Bring out the entourage and start the music!
 In the end, this is what I work for. This is why I work hard to realize children's dream birthdays. The look they give, admiring my work in awe, just makes me feel content. 

πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ Happy Birthday, Princess! πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

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