A Mystery Solving Party

Last month, Yuara turned 11. We had an agreement that his 10th birthday was going to be the last time we threw him a birthday party. BUT, this year he asked for a birthday PLAYDATE. Term wise, it just meant a birthday party but smaller.

So, OKAY, here we go.

This year, Yuara wanted a detective party. So he invited his closest detective bunch plus his favorite teacher, and went mystery solving at Escape Hunt, Jakarta.
After they put on their capes and thinking hats, the team were ready to crack a case and save the world. These clever kids would solve the case in just a blink of an eye, just like Sherlock Holmes.

After the mystery was solved, the birthday playdate continued. Here's Yuara with his birthday 'mystery solving kit' cake. He loved it and it tasted great, too.

The detectives got to bring home their classified files home (you know, just in case they need them to solve future cases). I had the sleeves bags custom made in a very short time and thank God it was a small party.😅
 By the end of the day, we're all very grateful for our family and friends. And to our son, welcome to another year and we wish you a happy, and joyful years ahead.


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