A Fancy Nancy Spa Day

Welcome to the Fancy Nancy Spa Day!

For a girl, there's nothing more soothing and fun than a spa day with a bunch of girl friends. This birthday girl wanted to celebrate her birthday in a Fancy Nancy theme which suited her gang perfectly.
The main color in this theme was pink. The room already used wooden flooring so the colors would match perfectly. To neutralize the color scheme, I threw in splashes of white and gold in the mix.

Fancy Nancy table setting
 The first thing to do was setting up the table. They were going to have a bit of tea and cakes in their spa robes. I installed a makeshift table from wooden panels and added pillows as seats, over a pink and white sheet. I set up some white flowers with glass and golden vases to add accent.

 And don't forget to check out the twinkle lights over the table! I loveeeee twinkle lights, I get butterflies just thinking about them. Twinkle lights create a warm atmosphere in a room or in any setting for that matter.
The mini spa robes were hanged neatly by the side so the guests could change into them right away. How cute is that?! 
I completed the decor by installing a tee pee in the corner for the guests to relax after a whole day of spa treatment. Then for the cherry on top, I threw in more balloons.

Have a blast on your birthday, little girl!
Their day couldn't get any better than this. 💓

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