Here Comes Peppa!

Welcome to Peppa's world.

This small world was created for a birthday girl who loves Peppa. This party took place at Nava Park, BSD City.

We started with the main area which consisted of a backdrop for the entertainer and the dessert table(s). More tables, more desserts.

I installed balloons to frame the backdrop. I love that the trees in the back gave my decor a color boost. The thing about decorating parks and outdoors is that you get natural decorations like trees and the sky, or buildings, which give your decor a natural boost and you don't even have to work for it. Cool, right?
Peppa theme uses a lot of blue and pink. I implemented these colors on the dessert tables, and I threw in a friendly looking teepee in the mix for good measure. 
 Last but far from the least, I sprinkled the venue with spots of balloons, and rainbow buntings over the area. Because you know, details matter.
I can imagine this party was a blast. With the amount of cakes and sweets going around, this venue was perfect for sugar-high kids. 🙈

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