"I am Groot..." (translation: "Awesome party!")

The Guardians of the Galaxy are back! Time for another awesome birthday party. I hope Quill brings some of his awesome mix tapes.

This event takes place in an outdoor venue, so a picnic setting suits it best. It would be a perfect setting for the guests to relax while enjoying their meal and the nice weather.
The tents are also fun for the kids to play in.
A custom welcome gate for the birthday party to let people know where the party's at.
Groot says, "I am Groot..." which means "I am so happy to be here. I just hope I don't get smashed too easy.."

Now let's talk about the dessert table, shall we?
Who doesn't love Quill's awesome mix tapes? I love the fact that they're so retro. It's a perfect theme for the backdrop and dessert table. And mix tapes wouldn't be complete without the retro boombox, would it?
And last but far from the least, let's zoom in on the dessert table and check out the desserts. They're custom made especially for this party. Aren't they out of this world? They're yummy too!
Guardians of the Galaxy birthday cake and cupcakes

Groot and mixtapes cookies 💗

The cakes and cookies look so good and taste so yummy, even the vilest of the villains cannot resist.
In the end, this Guardians of the Galaxy party will leave you Hooked On A Feeling 🎵

🌟HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KID! You're awesome!🌟

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