Tropical Party Fever

Tropical party theme is on high demand these days. Maybe it's because of the constant rain?
Well, if that's the case, then I don't mind the rain! 💦

One of them is another school farewell event for Al-Azhar Bintaro.
This event was being held the same day as the one in my previous post, so you can image the hustle and bustle in that day's preparation.

They requested a backdrop for the stage and a photo booth spot. For this fun theme, I included flamingos and of course some exotic tropical birds and fruits. A LOT of colors were also included.

Green plants are also essential for this kind of theme. I combined real plants with paper leaves for the photo booth. They create the outdoor surrounding effect, indoors.

Another one, was a corporate event. I cutout hundreds of paper leaves for this and they turned out fantastic! These colors really made my day. 

I'm ecstatic that the Tropical Party theme is back. Are you interested in this theme for your fun event? If you are, you're welcome to contact me.
For now, my flamingo and I, bid you farewell.

For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at


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