K's Big 7

At first, I thought my firstborn was my toughest client..
 That is until my daughter turned 7! πŸ˜…
She wanted a Mario Bros themed party - a theme I've never done before - and she is one tough little lady. She supervised and did follow ups for most of the preparation.
She even made me nervous at some points.

I organized the party at our new house - a welcoming milestone in 2019 - and combined the theme with a picnic set-up to create an outdoor surrounding.

The standing decor and the backdrop were custom made, at her request.

The picnic set-up went perfectly with the theme. I've used this set-up quite frequently and I can tell you that it's fun indoors as it is outdoors.

On the dessert table, the Mario Bros themed cupcakes and cookies acted as decorations as well as fantastic snacks for the guests; kids and grown-ups.

 Here's one more thing she supervised personally; the goody bag!

When it came to goody bags, she got very specific. She even asked for alternative design πŸ˜…. It's my own fault, really - I take her to most of my meetings.

Despite her detailed requests, I couldn't be prouder of my little girl. She just turned 7 and she knows what she wants. We're both proud parents and we look forward more birthdays to come.

We πŸ’“ you, little K!

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