Kecap Bango Launching Event

Hello March!

Last week I had the privilege to work with one of the biggest food brands in Indonesia; Kecap Bango.
Kecap Bango was established as a home business in 1928. Since then it has expanded extensively; making a mark in the world.

In this event, they were introducing their soy sauce variety and I was responsible for the product display and decor.

The theme would be traditional Indonesia and it would have to match their main brand color which is green.

For the display table I used batik and splashes of green. I also added splashes of wood and a variety of tampah for that traditional sense. 

Kecap Bango's main ingredients are black soy, coconut sugar, salt, and water. So to top it off, I added some of the main ingredients on the display table. These ingredients are perfect for decor and creating the product's originality image.

Another corner for the display table. The flowers went great with the background color.

Their soy sauce variety are carefully arranged for maximum exposure.

As a proud Indonesian, it was an honor to work with Kecap Bango.
I wish Kecap Bango all the best.

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