H&M Studio Open House

This week we went to Hong Kong for my daughter's birthday and it's also a getaway-from-work thing for me. But, the show must go on and I thank God that I employ the most wonderful people who could cover for me. 😌

H&M was having an open house for their Studio S/S 2019 collection. The theme was 'Glam Explorer' and it involved a lot of cacti.

 To create an outdoor environment in a glamping setting, I used combinations of rustic boxes and silver/golden boxes. They acted as display bureau for the cacti and flowers display. The base color for the decor was creme so it allowed their collection patterns to pop out.

For the product display table, I use small cacti, flowers, candles,etc as outdoorsy ornaments which completed the theme without being intrusive.

Since glamping was a part of the theme, of course tents definitely made the list. The neutral color of the tents went perfectly with their collection patterns. Gunny fabric is also perfect for the backgrounds.

And lastly, for the cherry-on-top, metal prisms were hung from the lighting railings to complete that glamorous look.

All in all, I was happy of how this project turned out and hope we can work together again in the near future 💓

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