To Infinity and Beyond!

It's the last Monday of January. We're moving forward through 2019, finally starting a new year.
But for today, I'm posting a little throwback.

Do you remember your childhood? With all the toys and the make believe? I loved mine and that's why I loved the Toy Story movies. It reminds me of that carefree time when we can be whoever we wanted. Drowned in toys and imagination, believing that fairy tales can come true. I loved the movies so much, I even collected some of their character figurines.

So when I got this project; a Toy Story baby shower, I thought, who knew my figurines would come in handy..

The gang's here on the dessert table; Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, even the green alien. The cowboy themed bunting completes the theme.

Check out the Toy Story themed pop cakes..

...and cupcakes! 💓

Don't they look adorable? It was a small but very lovely baby shower. And I thought the theme suited the event perfectly.
I'm excited for more baby showers this year and very looking forward to it. 


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