Big love from the Ramadhanas

Goodbye, 2018. Hello, 2019!!
Today is the first day of a whole new year.

As a decorator, I've come a long way and come across many ups and downs. But I learn a lot from each experience and they help me grow and get me to where I am now. There were challenging moments, but I'd like to think I gracefully handled them pretty well even though they were hard. But as challenging as they might, I had fun and I am very excited of what comes ahead.

In 2018, although I have mourned over the loss of some of my dearest people, I have also welcomed new family members. I now gained two nephews who are cute as buttons.

My family and I went of a couple of family trips, which are of course fun beyond measure. And, we got to watch the magnificent 18th Asian Games back in August.

Sadly, there were quite many natural disasters happened during the year, and my heart goes out for the victims and for the loss of their families 😢.

Despite the unfortunate events, we try to be better and pray for the best always.

Here are some of my best moments in 2018..

Yeay! New nephews/cousins!

Bali, 2018

Brighton beach, 2018 

Colour Run, 2018

There were many blessings that happened during the year that I simply cannot mention one by one.
I'm very grateful for the people in my life who bring me great joy each year. So let us welcome this new year with a big heart. My family and I wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, and we wish you a safer, better, wonderful year ahead.

💓The Ramadhanas💓


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