A Mad Scientist Party

-Mad Scientist-

How do you throw a mad scientist party for a little scientist? Throw in a lot of crazy chemical experiments, of course. A little bit of headshrinker formula, or even a liquid mutation mixture? Let's hope none of them blows up in our faces. We don't want Mr. Hyde to rear his ugly head.😅

This is the birthday boy. He want to be a great scientist when he grows up. Check out the awesome science experiments backdrop.

Science experiments on the dessert table. They may or may not be consumable. There's only one way to find out. But remember, consume at your own risk. 

The cake is definitely edible and tastes really good too! You'll never guess what science experiment is inside.

With all the mad scientists gathered and their crazy experiments, it's impossible for them not to have their kind of fun. We're excited to find out what formula they come up with in this party.

Hope you have a blast! ⚡


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