A Bit of A Yayoi Birthday

Hello, hello!

I want to start the year by posting about a past project. Just a little throwback from last year. 

It was a Yayoi Kusama themed birthday party and it was darn exciting!

I focused on the dessert table because it was the focal point of the party. I decorated it with Yayoi's famous pumpkins, flower sculpture, and of course lots of polka dots. 

I filled the dessert table with Yayoi artwork pop cakes and cookies, and for the main event, the Yayoi Kusama pumpkin birthday cake. 

Little things matter, so I added little extras in corners, seating spots, and other spots to create that Yayoi atmosphere.

Dotted ballons, and Yayoi artwork decor at the entrance.

A picnic theme is perfect for a big backyard. Also, the backyard is a perfect place to smash that pinata.

                    Happy 7th, Jemima!!                    

Say YEAY for fun past projects and more excitement to come. Welcome, 2019!💓



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