Pregnancy Talk with RSPI

Pregnancy is an invaluable and precious experience. Some experiences are wonderful, some are rough, but invaluable nevertheless. This All Pregnancy Talk by Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah provided support and crucial information around pregnancy.

As a mother of two, I was happy to participate in decorating their venue. I focused on the sense of calm and comfort that every expecting woman needs. I decided to use warm and calm colors, and of course, flowers.

This event took place at Tanamera, Ahmad Dahlan. The bright and airy place was perfect for this event and went nicely with the decor. 

Soft pink for baby girls and soft blue for baby boys 

Babies are blessings sent from God. We, mothers, need assistance to provide the best care for them, and this talk was one way to provide for it.

Keep up the good service and best of luck for Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah!

All photos are provided by photographer Fariz Noor Pramandha.
Instagram @fariznoor


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