Vroom vroom!

That’s the sound of cars celebrating at our car-themed birthday parties! It was a few moons ago since I decorated my first-ever car-themed birthday party. But as far as I can remember, the first to the last car party I decorated for were super fun!

Tobyn’s party was a mix between vintage cars and cars character. This explains why the vintage cars made their way on the dessert table!

 Table settings
Center piece
However, McQueen and Mater found their way into the party too :)

You can make your own McQueen & Mater cardboard through this DIY tutorial.

What you need: Large carboard boxes, duck tape, paint, print-outs, glue
How to make:
1.    Design your car shape and size. If you want large one to get into like mine, then you will need a really big box or you can simply use medium boxes and attach together with duck tape.
2.    Cut out your design and attach all together using tape
3.    Paint your cardboard car in the color you desire
4.    While waiting for it to dry, print out the eyes, accessories, and wheels, especially if you are aiming for a character from the Cars movie.
5.    Once the car paint is dry, stick the accessories in its place using glue.
6.    Your DIY cardboard car it ready to steal the show!

At Robin’s party, we played more with baloons and checkerd flags as Robin is a fan of Hot Wheels.

                        Even Robin’s goody bags were made out of checkered flag fabric!

Here’s an idea you can make for you kid who loves to bring his cars everywhere anywhere. This easy felt-track can be a great for portable car racing playtime anytime! The more pockets you make, the more cars you can bring along.

Radi’s party was decorated with a car track at the play area. A fun addition to bring in play to decoration. The play cones added a good accent too!


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