diy fruit pinata

It was a tropical afternoon when Community Coffee hosted a cheerful Saturday event. Community Coffee held a sharing session for parents about “Healthy Family Lifestyle” while dreamesh diy hosted a DIY session for the kids to make a fruit piñata!
Although I mentioned fruits, mostly watermelons made the pick. Here’s how to make your own little fruit piñata for a birthday or sweet décor for a kids room.
 What you need:
Thin cardboard or paper plates, masking tape, glue, string, crepe paper in green, red or pink, and white (for a watermelon).
How to make:
1.    Cut out one circle then cut in half to get two half circles. Or you can also use large paper plates and cut into two. Our watermelons were around 25 cm long.
2.    Cut out a long rectangle as long as your watermelon with a width of 6 cm.
3.    Cut the ends slightly narrowed.
4.    Tape all sides of the cardboard together forming the shape of a slice of watermelon.
5.    Make sure to leave one end of the bottom flap open to fill in your goodies. If not, you can tape all ends secure.
6.    Start making the fringes using crepe paper. Cut 4 cm crepe paper and cut fringes for all colors you will need.
7.    Before sticking on the fringes, secure string through your watermelon especially if you are planning to hang it.
8.    Start sticking the crepe paper working bottom-up. So, start with green for the bottom of the watermelon, then white and red.
9.    Done? Stick on the seeds using little round stickers. Make sure you color them black first and cut to adjust into a teardrop. Stick as many as you like!
10.    Your watermelon piñata is ready to cheer up your party or space now!


  1. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.



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