DIY Finger Foam Soccer Glove

Who isn’t a fan of soccer? Probably not everyone but at least you can cheer and make things fun on the field with this glove made with love?! Here’s how to shape your own for your number one champ!

What you need:
-    2 sheets of foam in any color you like (one for the glove and another for the details)
-    super glue or double side sticky tape
-    scissors

How to make:
1.    Trace the shape of your hand pointing up the number one then make a large scale.
2.    Fold one sheet of foam in half and secure with a pin.
3.    Draw the hand shape on one side and then cut around the hand so you have two hands.
4.    Stick double tape of glue all around the edges except for the bottom part where your hand will slip through.
5.    Using the other colored sheet of foam, cut out a #1 and stick on both sides of the glove.

This is when dreamesh DIY Club held a workshop at ACS Jakarta. Loved that the guys were really into it!

Easy peasy? Go ahead and cheer out your champion!