Balloons have been a part of a lot of parties! Sometimes it feels odd without them, although party décor without balloons can be equally pretty. I personally love balloons and this is proven by the many ways we have incorporated them into our décor. There’s only one rule making it work with balloons: The more the merrier!

Balloons make great backdrops, especially if you want to make an image out of the balloons itself. Here are some examples how we used balloons for backdrops and photobooths.
A rainbow at the dessert table for a Troll themed party.

Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po on a balloon backdrop at a Teletubbies birthday party.
A giant balloon wreath for a home event.
Blue and white balloons to match NIVEA’s logo for their beauty workshop.
Wonder woman themed birthday party.
Care for some popcorn? A great addition for QNB Indonesia’s carnival themed learning forum.

Playing with balloons in my decor can definitely elevate a party. Super fun we think!
An arch entrance into an airplane themed birthday party.
Rainbow themed table setting for a farewell party.

Chair details for a Harry Potter Farewell Party at Ichthus School.

A balloon entrance for a wedding party.
Eggs, carrots, and a bunny made from balloons at an Easter Party.
Balloon trees at Sesame Street.
Rainbows always make us happy.

Simple white giant balloons for a wedding.
Wall tree decoration for a farm barnyard party.


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