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Thursday, November 2, 2017

spooky scenes

Here are some of our Halloween decor we did for some vendors and events. Nothing scary, just some cute ghosts, mummies, and  zombies hangin' around. Along with pumpkin lanterns and spider webs.

The photobooth for the event at SIKU

 Ghosts, spider balloons, and a sitting skeleton to boo the guests at Lot 9 Bintaro.

the end of october...

...means it's time for my Champ's birthday bash and Halloween! Because the two comes almost at the same time, Yuara's 9th birthday was themed to match the fun spirits of Halloween.
Birthday boy and little sister. Can you guess what Kutri is dressed up for?

Moi, the decorater slash witch

I found a great venue at Unju'an where I could rent indoor space and decorate it as I please. It was definitely a score and I am so happy with the results.

I decorated with white rags, spider webs, ghost lanterns, white webs, and pumpkin lanterns.

 How scary do you think our family is?

I mean look at those treats! A skull cake, Frankenstein cupcakes, ghost cake pops, and skeleton cookies. Sweet scary treats for the little guests!

As Yuara was celebrating his 9th birthday, we let him invite 9 friends so it was only natural that we had a face painter on the spot so that the kids could face paint their scary looks. We spotted a dracula, zombie, half skull and many more scary (but cute) faces. It was an intimate scare party that ended with no actual blood. I hope you had a blast, Yuara!

What you need: Black tape, scissors. 
How to make:
1. Measure how big you want your web to be and to make it easier, draw on the surface of where you want to stick your web.
2. Start with making a cross for the base of the web and two other diagonal lines.
3. Add the webs to attach from each line to line. Et voila!

Note: you can use black tape, duck tape, or even masking tape depending on the background of your web.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

dreamesh floral arrangements

If you haven’t noticed already, dreamesh décor loves flowers. I love flowers! It's my middle name!  Whether to add or not to add flowers to a decoration, of course depends on the event. The more formal the event, the more it suits to use flowers. However, you can use flowers to any kind of event you want. If it goes, why not?!
  Hydrangea - Succulent centerpiece
I love finding the right combination of florals and greens that tie together and add prettiness to my décor. Whether it a wedding, table décor, or other event, playing with flower decoration is always challenging and I love challenges so it is rather more fun than daunting.

Is it tricky to make a floral arrangement?  So – so I must say. Experimenting with all kinds of plants and flowers help to get the groove. And it really depends on the theme of the event. A rustic themed event would do just fine with twigs and a few leaves. Sometimes as simple as succulents also does the trick.  Other times, more flowers to leaves or the other way round works better to tie it into the theme. What about the color of the flowers? Again, it better depends on the theme or the clients’ request. However, neutral flowers like white, yellow, light green, peach would work better in rustic and country themes. Red and dark pink bring pop of color while pale pinks, purples, and pastel color bring a soft touch to any floral arrangement.

                                                            rustic throw bouquette
Here are some pictures of flower decorations we have done in the past. I hope it can bring you some inspiration in the floral department ;)

Kate Spade Event
A Pink rose bush to welcome guests at the event. A classy look with only pink roses!

Floral Letter
This custom letter floral display was made with peach roses, white little flowers and green leafs adding a rustic feel to the decor.  
Rustic Floral Centerpiece
A pretty mix of pink, white, and light green florals potted in a wooden box.
Floral arrangements 
Barn Themed Birthday Party
Dandelions were just perfect for the theme. Big dandelions together or one stem alone still looks all put together. I love this big sun flower!
Floral Arrangements for Clients
Here are two examples how I used the brand colors to define the choice of flowers to use. 
Lazada's Blue and Orange Set
Tropicana Slim's Yellow and White Set
A Purple Wedding Flower Arrangement
I used purple and green hydrangeas, white roses, and white little flowers with a little green to tie it all in. Soft and elegant was the key. Another one of my favorites!

A Colorful Soyjoy Gathering
Succulents, roses, hydrangeas all together? Why not! The colorful pack and assorted plants make me fall in love with them all over again.

Wedding Floral Hoops
A unique way to display your flower arrangement. This is what I meant about more greens to the flowers. Pretty, eh?

A Birthday Celebration
Soft colored roses and hydrangeas with a dash of dark pink roses can go quite nice don't you think?


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Our France Trip

It has always been a dream to bring my kids to the land I was born in. Visiting France with my little family has always been on my bucket list, so when the timing was right we went straight ahead and booked tickets. Although this was one of the longest flights for the kids, they proved us they were pros - making us very proud (and relieved) parents! This trip was extra special since we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary right there in the city of lights.
Here are some photos of the whole trip if you would like to see. Due to the many photos we took, I will break down the photos according to the sights, food, and street photos. Do enjoy!


Disneyland Paris
The happiest place on earth! Traveling with the kids meant there was no way we could pass Disneyland, right?!

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
The natural history museum was awesome! Of course the kids enjoyed the dinosour skeletons and everything in between. It was a great educational visit for the kids.

Museé Du Louvre
A destination surely not to miss. I could just stare at the art here all day long. I was surprised the kids held on for quite a long time at the museum. I guess they were in to it as much as I was.

Le Trianon
I got a chance to see The Avalanches that were playing in town. One of my favorite bands from my younger years. Boy, was it such a bonus!

Parc Andre Citroen
We queued one whole hour to get on the hot air balloon. As it was our turn to climb in, the wind was blowing really hard so they had to close down for the day. Such a bummer but sure it's better to be safe than sorry, right? Posing in front of the hot air balloon will have to do.

Notre Dame
Seeing the grand cathedral on a bright sunny day was perfect!

Arc De Triomphe 

France and its food... too many dishes to try, so little time. Here's some of the places we dined in. All delish, of course!

Caramel Sarrasin   

CHEZ PAPA Bastille
This feast was out last in the city. 

Mian Fan Mogador
Probably the best bibimbap in town!

Dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel Tower
A special dinner this was. Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary inside cities greatest landmark.  Cheers to many more years or marriage!

L’As du Fallafel
A delicious tourist trap!

Au General La Fayette
Another feast that we deserved and longed for after a long day of strolling and shopping ;)

Oh the pretty streets of Paris!

 Picnic-ing every chance we can!

Opera Garnier

La Duree Madeleine


Jardin du Luxembourg

La Vallee Village

This city has never failed to make me fall in love, over and over again. The ambiance, the people, the museums, the gardens, even the metro and the undecisive weather. I promise we'll come back here and maybe stay a bit longer ;)


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