Our Trip To Batu and Malang…

…was very refreshing. The family and I took a little vacation to seek this city in east Java. Although we have been here several times already, we always needed to go back with the kids – which meant we just had to visit all the museums for children and Batu’s amusement parks. Not just catering the kids of course, but culinary at the city is also a must! Here’s were we ended up going:

Pohon Inn

 Our place for the stay and our beautiful view!

Batu Secret Zoo

 A good collection of animals here!
Batu Night Spectacular

                                                 Rides and lights - best way to end the day!

Museum Angkut

All the vehicles you can name are here

Museum Tubuh

                                                             Educational dan fun

Museum Satwa

                                    Reminds me of the film Night At The Museum

Predator Park

                                                          Feeding the predators!

Culinary Stops
Bakso Presiden
Toko Oen

Ketan Susu
Sate Hotplet
Warung Wareg

But there’s still many more stops to explore.. Oh, can’t wait for another Batu-Malang trip soon!



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