Halloween This Year…

…started early when I decorated a dessert table and window treatment at Wisma76.

Witch's hat, witch's broomstick, scary silhouettes, paper scarecrows, and spiders, were all invited but the most happy piece I came up with was that deep green colored pumpkin. How I love it!

The ragged cobwebs were made from ripped up white material, and the branches were grabbed from a tree outside my house. Put them all together with a halloween cake, cupcakes, and cookies from @lepetiterie, you get a pretty good looking halloween, don’t you think?! This is definitely my most favorite Halloween dessert table by far!

 Dressed to match the decor. Now that's what I call totality!



  1. Your Halloween party was incredible!! You threw such a wonderful party on a budget. I really appreciate your efforts. Hey, I am also a corporate party planner and if you need any corporate holiday party ideas then you can contact me any time.

  2. HI! Thanks for the compliment...much appreciated! :)


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