Summer Club 2015 by Club Kembang

It was a blast! I was thrilled to be invited by Club Kembang (a weekend/holiday program of Sekolah Kembang, Kemang) and tutor the pre-teens that registered a series of my dreamesh DIY Club workshops for their Summer Club this year. The workshops went on from 3 to 5 June, and the seats were almost sold out! At first, I had my doubts. I was wondering if home d├ęcor crafts were too hard for the pre-teens I taught. But they were excited and did their works really well (in fact, some is beyond my expectation). Here’s some photos of the fun we had three days in a row at Club Kembang!

Dreamcatcher Workshop
3 July 2015 

Origami Lamp Workshop
4 July 2015

Wired Wall Art Workshop
5 July 2015