Painters Party!

I definitely declare that this is one of the favorite projects dreamesh {handmade} DECOR has ever done! When Nasta came to me and asked for an artsy party for her little artist, Philoshopia, I knew I had to make something ‘out of the box’. And after some time contemplating, I figured out this backdrop for her dessert table.

And boy, I was lucky! A client from another project gave me empty powdered milk cans, so I painted them white and then dripped them with the color paints I wanted – I went with pastel colors. Then I hung paintbrushes for every color and substituted paint strokes with long pieces of tulle fabric in the pastel color pallet. I am so happy with how it came out. Perfect, at least in my opinion. And I was happier that the client thought so too!

                                                    I love these happy faces!

Then to top things off, the yummy bites from @alinaratih couldn’t have been more cuter!



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