Easter in Debenhams Department Store

How was your Easter holiday? I spent mine doing a free DIY workshop for kids at Debenhams Department Store Senayan City!

We opened 15 seats that were taken in no time! The project was to make an egg cupcake inside the ultimate bunny box. The chinese food take-out box were from papercrane (papercrane.asia) if you're interested. Wanna know how we made them?

Egg Cupcake DIY

What you need:
Plastic egg, cupcake wrapper, small round stickers, mini pom-poms.

How to make the egg cupcake:
1.    Glue the plastic egg’s bottom to the inside of cupcake wrapper.
2.    Stick small round circles to the upper area of the plastic egg forming some kind of whipped cream.
3.    Glue mini pom-pom as the cherry on top!

Bunny Box DIY

What you need:
Chinese food take-out box, colored papers for eyes and ears, round white stickers, marker, stapler and fluffy wire.

How to make the bunny box:
1.    Fold the box following the folded lines and secure the sides with stapler.
2.    Cut out two long rabbit ears using the same colored paper as the box, and make two shorter ears using a different color paper. Stick them together.
3.    Stick ears on the front of the box using glue.
4.    Make two round circles for the outer eyes and stick a round sticker on each circle. Then, color a smaller circle with a marker. The bunny eyes are done!
5.    Stick the eyes over the bottom part of the ears overlapping each other a little.
6.    Draw the bunny nose and mouth in between the eyes with a black marker.
7.    Attach fluffy wire on the right and left side of the box using tape or a stapler. Done!
But the best part of this workshop was the kids didn’t only get to bring home their creation, but also a free toy from Debenhams Department Store. I’m sure it was a great Easter surprise!



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