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Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY : Felt Birthday Crown

These felt birthday crowns are just a more classy and fun way to celebrate your kids’ birthday! Here’s the tutorial I gave for a craft class at Gingersnaps last year. The kids will have so much fun making them!

What you need:
Felt sheets in lots of colors, scissors, glue, elastic band.

                                                         my little queen

How to make:
1.    Trace a crown-shape on your piece of felt for the base (I once traced a Burger King’s paper crown just to get the feel of it, and did my version afterwards). I did mine looking like three mountains – the middle one higher than the other two. Make the mountains slightly apart measuring around 40 cm long.
2.    Cut out. Then make the exact shape but smaller to glue on top of the base. Don’t forget to use a different color for a nice contrast.
3.    Now, it’s all about being creative! Decorate your crown with cut out cupcakes, hearts, shapes, numbers, anything you wish. Stick them on all with glue.
4.    Attach the ends of the crown with elastic band after measuring the kids’ head beforehand.
5.    Lastly, of course let them wear it and pretend to be the king or queen all day long!


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