my weekend.

was well spent. i painted this for our next workshop in a box's backdrop and picked out the winners for inspirasi goodie bag book!
sorry for the late announcement, my internet connection didn't seem to be on my side lately. anyways, the winners are... (drum roll please!) dilla maulina and little chiq - picked randomly by yours truly. i will wait two days for them to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you who don't win, there'll be guilty giveaway coming soon :)


  1. yeaay congrats for all winnerrsss~~ *drum roll*

  2. selamat buat para pemenang :)
    mbak amesh mo tanya,, itu siluetnya pake mal dulu ato digambar langsung?

  3. yah ga dapet :(

    selamat buat pemenang ya :)


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