Sunday, July 29, 2012

a room for the kids.

a lot has changed with yuara's room now that he has to share with his little sister. uhm not like he sleeps in it lately, but a mother can wish no? yuara used to sleep alone when he was two-ish but then he went to school and caught flu most of the time and i was too lazy to go back and forth from the master bedroom to check up on him so he was brought to our bed. big mistake i tell ya! imagine how it is with the baby around, her crib is right next to our bed so it's pretty crammed everynight. but i won't have it in any other way - at least not for now! when kutri is big enough to sleep alone, i will send her and yuara to their room. but that will probably take a year from today :)  

our only problem was we did have the smallest dresser. but instead of buying new furniture, i used my existing white rack for occasional bazaar. i cleared out my stuff and covered it with handmade cover up in circus theme. now that's what you call decorating on a budget!    


  1. like this very much XD

  2. mba.. keranjang2 rotan itu beli dimana yak mba? mba jual? Thanks..

  3. woww mbak amesh pinter n kreatif banget! seneng deh liat hasil akhir lemarinya yuara. bener2 jd inspirasi :)

  4. Absolutely big mistake! Semoga ga kaya gw dah klas 1 SD msh ikut bareng sampe sesak kasurnya. Akibat males ibunya mondar-mandir...

  5. @marlet : ada di deket rumahku kalo mau kupesenin sekalian, email aja yaa :)



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