a circus-y thank you note.

we really appreciate those of you who showed up at our very first event, thank you for the love and support! all of our circus boxes have been sold out, but do tell us if you're interested because we might prepare another one just for you. our kit contains:
- circus and stripe fabric for DIY drawsting bag
- scraps for DIY bowtie
- twine, clothespins, and triangle shaped fabric for DIY bunting
- party hat template and yarn for DIY party hat with pom pom
- cupcake stand and wrappers
- paper straws, candles and balloons
- circus ticket stickers and coloring page
- glue, thread and needle
- finger puppet and other printables
- instructions CD

we also decorated a dessert table for inspirations, all of our circus related kids' toys were there! it was hilarious watching yuara went to the table and collected his. overall, it was a super fun event - and we couldn't have done it without our sponsors: babalisme, ideku handmade, liburan anak, and gudily. hope to see you at our next event, it's on august 5th! 


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