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Monday, July 4, 2011

a silly socks surprise farewell party.

one of my dearest friend cheeqa (also known as 'silly cow') is leaving for brussel, belgium. she will be stationed there for three whole years! sob.. so me and alia decided to throw her a surprise party at my house. alia would be doing the menu and me the decor. we already had the plan for a month but alas, i didn't find the right party theme until the week before when i found it somewhere on the internet. so off i went for socks hunting, i also contacted dita cemprut for some silly sock dolls and puri ideku handmade for some silly sock cookies - not forgetting the socks garland and of course our dress code: silly socks. i love love love how it turned out!
i prepared everything for sock puppet making activity, but we ended up chatting, reminiscing old times, and laughing so much that we all forgot about it. but if you were gonna make the same themed party, i truly think making sock puppets is a very good idea! anyways i hope you had fun cheeqs, we all wuv you lots :*


  1. hihi...kayaknya si octopus telat dateng ya mbak amesh :( so sorry :) good party idea anyway...:) love it :)

  2. yeiy! you are such a good party planner :)

  3. mbak amesh .. stoking stripe panjangnya dapet dimana ? lucu banget



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