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Saturday, July 30, 2011

more creative orders.

never in my entire life i thought i would own a small (web) shop like now. and i have you to thank to. thank you for bringing more challenges and helping me grow. these orders inspire me to add new stuffs in my shop, please see them here.
family frames, ordered by evi.
world map wall hanging, ordered by cheqa.
magnetic board, ordered by ratna.
earrings holder, ordered by yulida.
water dispenser cover, ordered by gaby.
now this pray-mat was all me. i thought i want a new one for the upcoming ramadhan, so here it is. it can also be used as a runner, i modified the measurement for both. if you have any intriguing idea, shoot me an email or simply leave a comment. i might just make it for you ;)

1 comment:

  1. Mbak, untuk sajadah, aku nggak tau sih itu bahannya apa. Tapi aku usul dalemnya dikasih filling yg tebel & empuk. Kayak duvet / bedcover gitu. People loooove praying on fluffy sajadah, jadi betah (at least aku... ada elders, definitely hehe).

    Tapi kalo gitu, sajadahnya ya khusus sajadah ya, gak multifungsi jadi runner :)



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