from the husband.

yep, i totally forgot to post what the husband gave me for our 4th anniversary: one beautiful cakestand! you do know how i looove to use one (or three) when throwing parties, so this will add to my collection :)
well of course i gave him hints, ladies... i've been eyeing that cakestand from arlinda frota at alun-alun indonesia for quite some time now, and it is finally mine! ha ha ha *insert evil laugh* but as for the origami tulips, they were purely his idea. he's not crafty at all but he learnt how to blow the tulips to get them puffy via youtube just for me. whatta man!


  1. aawww that's so sweeet!
    ..and so clever with the hints ;))

  2. sigh.. what a thoughtful husband. I wish mine would blow tulips just for me.


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