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Monday, July 4, 2011

car free day pics.

two weeks ago, the in-laws gave us a voucher to stay in mandarin oriental hotel with bundaran HI view. i had stayed at mandarin before but not since they had their huge renovation. now their room is beyond nice, i love the color combo of pale cream and vert green i had to take tons of picture. and their wallpaper is very indonesian, don't you think? i also promised the husband that someday we will reupholster our sofa once again with a mixture of brown and denim just like theirs. very manly i must say, so of course the husband nodded hard :D
it was yuara's first experience of walking around bundaran HI and riding trans jakarta busway. the last one he didn't quite enjoy as it was fully packed so we only rode for one stop. since my late office was in the same area, we went for a culinary trip down memory lane - queen's tandoor (i think they have the best indian food in jakarta), kedai pelangi (their mie titi is super yum yum), and ya udah bistro (i can never get enough of veal bratwursts). oh i can't wait for yuara to be able to ride his own bicycle so we all can do this all over again on bikes, i think it'll be more fun!


  1. oh such pretty beddings..
    bawa pulang aja mesh ;p

  2. hi Amesh...seneng banget ada yang tulis tentang mandarin's one of my favorite hotel in jakarta, interior soft furnishing-nya superb..& yup, queen tandoor is no doubt the best indian food in jakarta..

  3. cantik sekaliii.. oooooh kemarin aku nyari2 ya udah di jl jaksa! ga tauuu kalau udah pindah :((



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