one dream wedding.

the first time i saw this wedding of max and margaux found via once wed, i was stunned. if only i knew then what i know now - it's exactly how i wanted mine. full of DIYs and love (like, literally). it was held on the backyard too! perfect, just perfect.
now tell me, who can take their eyes off such a beauty? i can stare at this post for hours, excuse me, i mean days. or is it too much if i say years?


  1. lets having a dream and make it real.. :D

  2. some people renew their wedding vows, and you can make one like that in your backyard

  3. a dream wedding indeed.. the thing is that our wedding celebration is always a big family thing, why oh why

    eh amesh aq ada award untukmu lowh..


  4. ah cantiknya yah mesh....mungkin nanti untuk anniversary yang keberapaaaa gitu kalau buat gue :)

  5. like nidji say "mimpi adalah kunci"

    mb amesh..salam kenal,,aku suka skali blognya,,ijin memfollow dan ngelinknya di blog aku yah..^^


  6. hmmm... nice dream mba amesh... jadi ngebayangin pernikahanku nanti.. DIYs decoration... specially for my wedding card n souvenir :)

    really like ur blog :)


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